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Animal Slaughtering, Abuse and Cruelty - Pictures, photographs, videos, links, articles and more about animal slaughter, abuse and cruelty. See the truth behind the meat industry. Stop the madness !
Dolphin Intelligence and Dolphin Slavery - Iris and Ivo were the last captive dolphins of Antwerp's delphinarium. Now deported in Germany, they slowly die in a tiny dark tank....Brussels

Czech Republic
Photoarchives wildlife pictures - Over 1000 wildlife pictures, plants, animals, birds, insects, butterflies, beetles, dragonflies.


PetSearch - Cyprus - A free service helping to re-unite missing pets with their owners.
the Malcolm Cat Protection Society

Manifesto for the abolition of foie gras - Our campaign calls attention to the unescapable ban of force-feeding -hence, of foie gras production

Federal Association Against Vivisection - People for Animal Rights Germany.
Unweltstiftung WWF - Deutschland - World Wildlife Fund, Germany.


Ente Nazionale Protezione Animali
Lega Italiana dei Diritti dell'Animale

Pro Animals - Romania

Willows Animal Sanctuary - Sanctuary in the North East of Scotland - home to over 300 rescued animals.

United Kingdom

Animal sanctuary, Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. - The Fernwood Trust is a register charity that rescues wildlife and other animals across the UK.
Animals in Distress - An animal rescue charity in the northwest of England, with two sanctuaries
Animals in Mind
Blue Cross Animal Welfare Charity - Burford.
British Chelonia Group - Turtles, Tortoises and Terrapins.
British Mule Society
Brooke Hospital for Animals
Cats Protection League
Derbyshire Foxes - Rescue & rehabilitation centre for sick, injured & orphaned foxes. Advice & homoeopathic treatment for foxes suffering from sarcoptic mange.
the Donkey Sanctuary
Farmed Animal Action - The national campaign group is unique in that it financially supports farmed animal sanctuaries and promotes a totally cruelty-free lifestyle.
Friends of the Anglesey Red Squirrels
the Mammal Society
The Society Against Neutering - was set up in order to bring about a ban on spaying and castrating animals in the U.K. as there are kinder ways of sterilising animals which don't have numerous side-effects.
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