Alternative Fuel Ecology Through Technology


Alternative Fuel

Let's get free of our dependence on oil. It's dirty, very environmentally unfriendly - deadly for the planet, will be severely limited in the very near future, and getting progressively expensive.

Electric Car - Frequently updated news and information on electric cars for enthusiasts and prospective owners.

SolarWorx, LLC - is a Solar and Energy Efficiency Solutions Provider, which endeavors to manufacture, distribute, promote, educate and make provisions for our clients in the field of renewable, sustainable and energy efficient technologies. We offer alternative solutions from LED lighting(inside and out) to Solar PV electrification.

Sustainable Mobility

The Sea Bird Adventure - The Sea Bird Adventure is a 175' WWII vessel that is being turned into an eco-friendly machine. With turbine engines being powered by hydrogen peroxide, we plan on tackling the Pacific Garbage Patch!

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