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Zonnewater BV - In 2003 Zonnewater BV (The Netherlands) developed a prototype desalination unit based on solar energy (95% thermal and 5% photovoltaic or wind energy), suited for coastal areas with an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. However, at lower temperatures, the system will work as well but output will diminish. At higher temperatures the output will proportionally increase. The prototype, installed on the Caribbean island of Bonaire, is a small one cubic meter greenhouse-type construction that produces 40 litres of water per day (lpd).

The extreme high efficiency rate is a result of specialized electronic equipment used to enhance air circulation between the evaporation and the condensation unit. Periodic washing with seawater reduces the negative effect of solar reflection by the salt produced by the unit.

Apart from the small electronic component the whole installation can be made locally with materials available in nearly every part of the world, being glass and PVC piping and appendages. A medium skilled plumber can make the installation, and the electronic device will be shipped in combination with simple drawings. The price per litre of water will therefore be determined by the price of glass, 8 local construction hours of labor and the local price of PVC piping and components, silicon kit, and PVC glue.

The unit has an estimated lifetime of 20 years, thus determinate the number of sunny days the average temperature and your price per litre is known.

If client need more then 40 L of water per day he should calculate with 30 Litres per day per additional cubic meter. A two cubic meter installation delivers 70 Litres and a three cubic meter installation delivers 100 Litres etc.

For desert areas with higher day temperatures Zonnewater is developing a hybrid solar-still with most likely similar yields as being reached with the Caribbean type.

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Watermakers Desalination Seawater - SEAWATER DESALINATION was founded to meet the global demands for environmental technologies and products which could produce high purity water, purify water for reuse and create fresh water from the world’s oceans. Our customers span the globe, and range from small commercial and municipal concerns to the world’s largest international manufacturers.
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