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Green Mountain Forest Watch

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            HQ address:     48 Elliot St.
        City/state/zip:     Brattleboro, VT 05301
                 Phone:     (802) 257-4878
                   Fax:     (802) 257-8529
Name of contact person:     Mathew Jacobson
Position in org:     Executive Director
  Hours that contact can be reached:  9-5 est.
  How can potential supporters get a list of regional/local contacts:
      By mail, phone or e-mail.
  Organization needs:
    1. Funds in the form of:
       a. donations
       b. membership
       c. subscribers
    2. Volunteers:
       a. On a national level
       b. On a regional level
  Mission statement:
Green Mountain Forest Watch  works to develop and maintain an effective and
informed grass roots movement, mobilized to protect and restore dynamic
forest ecosystems and native wildlife species in Vermont.
Green Mountain Forest Watch will advocate for wild places
and things for their spiritual, ethical, and ecological
values, and for their own intrinsic worth.
  Goals of Green Mountain Forest Watch
  To establish large areas of wilderness in Vermont in the
  knowledge that, "in wildness is the preservation of the world."
  To expand and mobilize Vermont's grass roots environmental constituency.
  To preserve, restore, and maintain viable populations of native species
  in Vermont in perpetuity.
  To foster research on ecosystem and species requirements, potentials, 
  and threats; and to rely on existing resources of Vermont's environmental
  and scientific community and seek to provide services when not
  sufficiently available.
  To design a system of reserves that incorporates federal, state, and
  private lands in Vermont to protect the natural functioning of ecosystems
  and sustainable human communities.
  To support ecologically sound forestry and the value-added production of
  high quality wood products in Vermont for a strong and diversified rural
  To provide a network that will bring together members of Vermontıs
  environmental and scientific communities and the interested public to
  formulate and articulate a long-range comprehensive strategy for the
  future Of Vermontıs forest ecosystems,
  To enforce laws and regulations that serve the goals of Green Mountain
  Forest Watch, specifically including the National Environmental
  Protection Act, the National Forest Management Act, and the Endangered
  Species Act.
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