Ecological Organizations

Vegetarist and Ecosophic Contest

            HQ address:     16 escaliers du Castelleretto
        City/state/zip:     MC98000 Monaco
                 Phone:     00377 93305067
                   Fax:     00377 93305067
Name of contact person:     Marc Giacone
       Position in org:     C. E. O.
  Hours that contact can be reached:  12:00-18:00 GMT
  Mission statement:
Ecosophic Contest acts against all the great banes that mine our world:
pollution, ESB crisis, hunting, industrial fishing, consumption society,
waste society, injustice, exploitation of children, sects, religions,
hypertrophy of the great cities, etc.
Ecosophic Contest proposes a life philosophy based on true ecology, true
vegetarianism, respect of the nature, an economy returned to human size,
the village.
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