Ecological Organizations

Sociedade Comunitaria Paraibuna

            HQ address:     R. Job Lane, 440
        City/state/zip:     Sao Paulo, SP 04639-001, Brazil
                 Phone:     55 11 523-6655 r. 25
                   Fax:     55 11 246-9863
Name of contact person:     Fernando Ferreira
       Position in org:     Administrative
Hours that contact can be reached: 9:00 h. till 12:00 h S. Amer. Eastern time
  How can potential supporters get a list of regional/local contacts:
      By e-mail.  
  Organization needs:
    1. Funds in the form of:
       a. donations
       b. membership
  Mission statement:
Forest recomposition, sustainable agriculture and environmental education.
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