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Yachana Gourmet

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Yachana Gourmet proudly brings you Yachana Jungle Chocolate - Direct from the Amazon.. We are a ecologically conscious, socially progressive company that supports Fair Trade practices and provides a stable market for impoverished farmers. Unlike anything you have ever tasted, we offer four exotic flavors:

Jungle Chocolate with Pineapple
Jungle Chocolate with Macadamia Nuts
Jungle Chocolate with Brazil Nuts & Essence of Coffee
Jungle Chocolate with Raisins & Coconut

Yachana Jungle Chocolate is unlike any other chocolate on the market; it is 100% roasted cacao beans, sweetened with just a touch of sugar cane syrup. Not only is our product 100% natural, contains no artificial ingredients, and is 100% vegan, but 100% of our company's profits support the work of FUNEDESIN. Our Products

We are looking to work to help like-minded socially responsible, environmentally conscious groups and organizations raise funds for their cause via the sale of Yachana Jungle chocolate. As well, if your group meets a pre-specified goal there is a chance to win a free trip for two to our award winning Eco-tourism Yachana Lodge.

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