Local Environmental Organizations in Africa

Algeria Kenya Madagascar Nigeria South Africa

NATURE ET BIODIVERSITE ALGERIENNE - Site d'education environnementale pour la connaissance de la biodivesité algerienne pour une meilleure prise en charge.

Mt Kenya - A site with general information about Mt.Kenya and local youn climbers effort to clean up the mountain and conserve the environment.

Blue Venutres Conservation - Blue Venutres Conservation is a not for profit organisation dedicated to raising the awareness of coral reef conservation. We offer oppertunities to volunteers to get involved in coral reef conservation in Madagascar.

Urhobo Historical Society - Urhobo, the largest ethnic group in Nigeria's western Niger Delta, like the rest of the Niger Delta, is faced with major ecological problems arising from petroleum oil exploration covering forty years. There have been two major fires so far, roasting to death more than 1,000 persons. Urhobo Historical Society seeks to bring international attention to this problem.

South Africa
South African Government Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism
Environmental Consultancy | Environmental Impact Assessment | Environmental Legal Compliance Audits - Environmental consultancy providing range of services, mostly to small-medium businesses and local authorities. We help clients achieve cost savings, resource conservation & increased efficiency, as well as improvements in environmental performance.

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