Local Environmental Organizations in South America and the Caribbean


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ECONSUL - Environmental Consultants - Alberto Mario Bertona: Environmental Management Consultants, Audits, Evaluations of Environmental Impacts and Risks Areas of Involvement - Cross References ISO 14000, ISO/TC 207, LCA, EMAS, Certification, Compliance, Inspection, Assessment, Appraisal, Development Funds, Grants - Wastewater Engineering & Consulting, Process Evaluation & Optimization, Design & Permitting, Plant Construction & Project Management - Ambient / Atmospheric Emissions, Meteorological Observation, Data Acquisition & Processing, Remote Sensing, Radon & Radiation Monitoring - Sanitary Landfills, Geosynthetics, Liners / Barriers, Impervious Membranes, Leachate and Odour Control, Gas Extraction & Utilization - Noise & Vibration Measurement Systems, Sensors, Recorders, Monitors, Analysis & Diagnosis, Audits & Assessments, Prediction

Protected Areas Conservation Trust

Amanaka'a Amazon Network

Costa Rica
Bosque Lluvioso Rio Costa Rica
Apreflofas (The Raccoon) - Conservation Association of Flora & Fauna.
VIDA - Asociacion de investigacion y Desarrollo Ambiental

Scuba Cuba - Cuban Underwater Biology Project

Kumanii Lodge - Rainforest tours in the Choco tropical jungle of Ecuador - South America. Kumanii is a sustainable tourism project that helps protect the local forest and cultures of the Chachi and Afro Ecuadorian people of the region.
Playa de Oro Reserva de Tigrillos - The world's only margay reserve, owned and managed by the local community. Rainforest Ecotourism to the El Choco region of NW Ecuador. Comfortable jungle lodge in secluded pristine rainforest. Excellent Birding here with many endemic species.

National Environment and Planning Agency (Nepa)


Save Cabo Bay - Help us save Cabo San Lucas Bay by stoping the Cruise Ship Pier from being built on Medano Beach. Send comments, check out bulletin board, forum, photos, ecological and governmental links.


Peru Nature

Puerto Rico
Caribbean Recycling Foundation - Animal Division coordinates animal welfare activities, rescues, legislative initiatives, training etc - San Juan

Environmental Issues of Venezuela

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