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African Wakamba - This site addresses environmental and humanitarian issues in Africa. Also a French vegetarian organization.

All About Soya - Discover a highly informative web site that reveals everything there is to know about soya. Find a selection of recipes for soya-based dishes. Learn how to make soya products at home

All About Tempeh - Discover a highly informative web site that reveals everything there is to know about tempeh. Learn how to make it from start to finish in your own home, how to vary recipes, and how to create your own incubator and to control the temperature. Information on tempeh starter and troubleshooting are also covered.

Ashy's on-line vegetarian cookbook - Vegetarian recipes from around the world gathered on Ashy's travels plus cartoons, stories and short essays on vegetarian related topics

Being A Vegetarian - Why People Become Vegetarians. Many non-vegetarians wonder what drives vegetarians to give up meat and adopt an entirely different lifestyle. There is no single answer to this question.

Bicycle Beano Vegetarian Cycle Tours - Sociable cycling holidays on the idyllic lanes of Wales and the Welsh Borders of England. Delicious vegetarian cuisine, using home-grown organic fruit and vegetables. Friendly non-macho groups. Relaxed atmosphere.

Dame Fandango - 'Dame Fandango (and Scarlett's) Favourite (mostly healthy) Solutions to Mealtime Madness : Totally Vegan Version' is a new e-book produced in aid of wildlife rescue. It features over 80 vegan tried and tested recipes which are seriously tasty, easy, healthy, very practical, down-to-earth.

Environmental Sanity - Environmental concerns, overpopulation, vegetarianism.

Global Veggie - The complete environment for vegetarians and animal lovers on a journey towards global compassion.

Kind Planet - Celebrating vegetarian food! Sharing recipes, menus, and ideas about eating great food while being committed to kindness.

Meatless Monday: Protect the Planet, One Day Each Week

Metamorphosis: Poems to Inspire Transformation - A compilation of pictures and poems that speak of animal, environmental, and human rights. There is a large section of poems that speak about environmentalism and deep ecology. There is another large section on veganism and loving animals.

New Veg

Raw Food Recipes - Website dedicated to a natural vegan raw food diet, offering free raw food recipes.

the Veggie Place

Vegan Action Homepage

Vegan Family House - A Scottish vegan family offer information on veganism, parenting, recipes, books, chocolate, quotes plus a message board.

Vegan Poet - thought-provoking poetry, photos and articles on animal rights, veganism, ecology, environmentalism, and human consciousness raising.

Veg Dining - Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants Around the World

Vegetarian Cooking - The Vegetarian Diet and Lifestyle Tips, Techniques & Secrets That Will Help You Drop The Pounds, Boost Your Energy & Improve Your Health.

Vegetarian Directory - Guide to vegetarian organizations in North America

Vegetarian Recipes

Vegetarian Support, Inc.

Vegetarian Times - Official site for the Vegetarian Times Magazine.

Vegetarian Vacations - The Veggie Holidays Directory - Worldwide directory of green tours, holidays, spas and courses offering vegetarian or vegan food - is your trusted source of vegetarian and vegan vitamins, supplements. For vegetarian and vegan diets look for our vegetarian and vegan suitable products

Veggiechef - Marie Oser's web site. Columnist who writes the "Enlightened Kitchen" vegetarian news column.

Veggie Dating - Worldwide vegetarian dating and networking service

Veggie Pregnancy - A resousce for vegetarian and vegan women before, during and after their veggie pregnancies.

VegOnline - VegOnline is a resource for anyone interested in the vegetarian diet. 100's or articles outline, explain, and provide useful tips on a variety of vegetarian issues including lifestyle, health, nutrition, sustainability, and more!


Veg Voyages - Adventure...the vegetarian way! Exciting tours, exotic destinations & delicious pure vegetarian food! 100% vegetarian adventure tour company specializing in off-the-beaten-path adventures to exotic destinations in Asia.

Veg World - Offering advice and information for vegetarians and vegans; also recipes, travel guides and book reviews

Viva! - Vegetarian International Voice for Animals.

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